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Dr. Abdul Karim Shah

Chemical Engineering discipline has made important contributions to society over the years in terms of innovative and cutting-edge research, processes, and eco-friendly products. Chemical Engineering Department was established in 1964 at DCET and it has old and diverse history in engineering fields. More than 5000 graduated students from this department were working in national and multinational organizations at higher positions. Here at our department, we nourish our students through, highly qualified faculty, modern facilities, knowledge conceiving environment, real time exposure, and systematic knowledge transfer tactics. Having vision of solving chemical engineering problems of industries has always been our keen priority. We have always taken efforts to adopt the international standards of academies, research, and quality policy of at undergraduate and post-graduate education level. Our mission is to educate and prepare undergraduate and graduate students not only for industries but foe research and development department (R&D) so they can discover and propagate knowledge through research and be able to tackle current engineering issues. To make this dream come true, the concept of research-based teaching in laboratory and conceptual learning opportunities have been adopted as primary tools of teaching. For that purpose, research-based laboratories have been developed for undergraduate and graduate level researchers. To promote research culture, we have hired foreign PhD qualified faculty they have good research contribution in their research areas. Currently, we have developed eight equipment functional laboratories in our department i-e fluid mechanics, heat transfer, thermodynamics, instrumentation and control, environmental, biochemical petroleum refinery, and simulation-based laboratory. The department combines academics with useful experience as mandatory elements of the degree requirements. We have always tried to make this department productive for researchers, therefore we are getting research projects from HEC and industries. The department also started MS and PhD programs in Chemical Engineering field from January, 2018 in order to improve education quality and research. Our department has created two students’ chapters such as American Institute for Chemical Engineers (AiChe) and American Chemical Society (ACS) and students are involved in organizing international/national conferences and workshop training in our department on various chemical engineering , energy, environment related topics to enhance the vision of our students. Our students have got travel fund for USA, South Korea, Bahrain, Malaysia and so on for presenting research projects/ project completions/ technical synopsis and always won positions internationally. I swear you that to earn an international level degree in Chemical Engineering: you would find the department of Chemical Engineering at DUET Karachi the best place for your last best career. Your success is our pride and responsibility.

Dr. Abdul Karim Shah
Associate Professor
Chairperson, Department of Chemical Engineering

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